Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Links To The Lagertha Project

Yesterday, I was one of 10 contestants that won in the History Channel's "Valhalloween" costume contest!
There were so many great entries, and while I didn't vote for myself, I still voted for a few of the other people that entered their amazing viking inspired costumes. A huge THANK YOU to those of you that voted for me and my fellow winners xoxox

When I began this journey of leather work, chainmaille and lack of sleep, I was posting about it all over at my main historical journal. Now that I've had to compartmentalize all the various hobbies between different blogs, here are the links that will take you through the process of how I built Lagertha's battledress. I could re-post all the posts here, but that's more work than it needs to be ;)
Newest to oldest (wow that's a lot of entries):

Dragon Con:

Finishing touches before Dragon Con:

The chainmaille & leather armor:

The leather work:

More Leather work:

Leather Dress etc:

First patterning for the leather pieces:

The boots:

The Chainmaille shirt I used to supply the larger sections of Lagertha's armor:

Issues with buying bits of armor online:

Gathering the bits and pieces:

Even more gathering of bits:


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

(Warrior) Girls On Film...

Another shot of my Lagertha battle dress, with a friend, as more photos roll in from Halloween ;)
Photo credit; Jenny Storm

Monday, November 3, 2014


I was lucky enough to have the chance to dress up for Halloween again this year, right before coming down with a fever just two days later. At least I temporarily dodged the bullet, and was able to have a good time with friends.
Anders and I brought out our Viking wardrobe that we had made for Dragon Con, inspired by the TV show 'Vikings'. His Floki impression is spot on, and he even gets into character (it probably helps that he is also playing Bill Sykes this year in a production of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist).
I of course, brought out my Lagertha armor, and both of us were a big hit.
I'm still amazed, as are others who inquire, at how comfortable this whole ensemble is. It weighs a lot, but the design disperses the weight in the the right anchor spots, so it's not all just hanging from my shoulders.
Here's the one photo I have so far, of me and Anders. This was right after a rather fancy Halloween dinner at The Village Cafe restaurant in San Jose's Santana Row. I huge thanks to the amazing cooks and our waitress, for putting up with us nut bags.
I'll add more photos as I get them.