Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Dear Hypocrite"...

A quote from Unter-Mensch on DeviantArt. This just about puts into words how I feel some...ok, most days. Especially when it involves some kind of social media...

"I do not engage with idiots – I laugh, delete and block; though, if it is a particularly obtuse idiot, I may mock before deleting.

If, despite this, you are still thinking about bashing out an inarticulate insult, could you please take a minute to read the following first – it may help to convince you to think before judging.

I know, I know, you've got yourself all worked up with self-righteous indignation – of course you're tolerant, but there are some things that JUST SHOULDN'T BE TOLERATED.

Really though, you quite like it don't you? You like looking down from the moral high ground for once – it's a relief to find someone like me, because it makes you feel a little better about some of those thoughts you've had. You can feel smug because what I like is so much worse than what you like, and you can indulge in the thrill of hate because what I like gives you permission to hate.

I know how you feel, dear hypocrite – you are an infinitely complex individual and your desires and fetishes are founded on your multifaceted nature, and, whilst you know your sexuality might be considered unusual by the norms of our society (which you're probably quite pleased about), you also know it could never encroach on your moral, ethical heart and you would be dumbfounded if someone suggested that it could.

In contrast, I am predictable and straightforward – my desires and fetishes can't possibly be a complicated reflection of my sexuality. No, when you look at a photograph that I've posted or a comment that I've made, you know with the certainly of the entirely un-empathic that they are all I am.

You know dear hypocrite, I'd like to think you could change - that when you feel that delicious frisson of outrage you could just stop and think for a moment before you start bashing the keyboard; however, I suspect that the sweet air of the righteous highlands is just too addictive."

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